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Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each week on The Tidbit, brought to you by Cureate, we discuss tidbits of knowledge around starting and running a small business with a food and beverage lens. Show host Kim Bryden sits down with guest experts and shares trending new topics on food, business and culture to help best prepare you for your business journey.

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    Homegrown by Heroes: Differentiating Veteran-Produced Products in Competitive Markets

    The Homegrown by Heroes program provides consumers a tangible way to support veterans. We're joined in-studio with Gary Matteson from the Farm Credit Council (the trade association for the nationwide Farm Credit System) and Calvin Riggleman, the owner of Big Riggs farm - an idea that was born in the sandy deserts of Iraq in 2003. Cal shares his story from military to civilian life, and finding a newfound comraderie in the Homegrown by Heroes program for his West Virginia farm and distillery operation.

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    Entrepreneurship Meets Food Science

    Entrepreneurship meets food science on this episode of The Tidbit with Dr. Eric Schulze — VP of Product and Regulation at one of the leading cell-based meat companies, Memphis Meats. We talk manufacturing of cell-based meat and its impact on our future. Plus his tips on building a business without a predetermined roadmap, and how to make the world more creatively nerdy.

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    Wild Kombucha: Food Manufacturing in the Mid-Atlantic

    Drink Local. Live Wild. This is the motto of Wild Kombucha. Over the past 3 years, they've has seen a 200 percent increase in sales with zero dollars of outside investment. We sit down with Sid Sharma, Co-Owner of Wild Kombucha to talk about starting a food manufacturing business in the Mid-Atlantic, where that motto comes from, and their journey from starting in a garage to growing into a 4,000 sq. ft. brewery in Timonium — where they now produce 4,000 bottles a week for stores such as Whole Foods and MOM’s Organic, as well as hundreds of boutiques, bars, and cafes through the Mid-Atlantic region.

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    On Product Development and Scaling Up: Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother Deli

    It takes a special team to take a classic food item and bring a new vibe to its creation. The nostalgia of a menu you fondly recognize and love, but with a unique spin. This is what our guest today has a special knack for crafting. On this episode, we sit down with Andrew Dana, the owner of the acclaimed Timber Pizza Company (a featured 2017 Best New Restaurant in Bon Appétit) and Call Your Mother Deli to chat product development, iterating with customer feedback in mind, and best practices for scaling up from farmers market to brick-and-mortar.

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    Baltimore Arabbers: Preserving tradition. Feeding communities.

    Arabbing is a long-standing, locally-specific African American tradition out of Baltimore. An Arabber is a street vendor selling fruits and vegetables from a colorful, horse-drawn cart. Once a common sight in American East Coast cities, only a handful of Arabbers still walk the streets of Baltimore. On this episode, we sit down with James Chase, President of the Arabbers Preservation Society and an Arabber himself; and Holden Warren, filmmaker and producer of John & James - a documentary short about James’ work and his relationship with the Amish.

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    I AM WANDA: A New Generation of Food Sheroes

    Entrepreneur Spotlight: we welcome another incredible mission-driven entrepreneur on The Tidbit that is tackling a huge problem at the intersection of nutrition, dietetics and agriculture. Tambra Raye Stevenson is the founder and CEO of WANDA: Women Advancing Nutrition, Dietetics, and Agriculture, an organization inspiring a new generation of women and girls to become ‘food sheroes’ in Africa and Diaspora.

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    Building Your Brand Narrative - from Social Media to TED Talk

    Our brains process not only stories, but the human emotions behind them. In this episode, we discuss with expert storyteller Nate Mook the importance of aligning your product, your business with a compelling brand narrative. Nate has worked with Senators, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs on crafting their stories on and offline through digital media, documentary film, and public speaking forums like TED.

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    How to Become a B Corp and Measure Your Impact

    On The Tidbit, we talk a lot about building businesses for both profit and purpose. But how do you measure your impact? What are ways in which you can create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to tangibly see the results you're driving? This episode: we sit down with Mark Frieden of Crossbow Strategies - a firm that works with socially-conscious busineses on becoming B Corp certified and creating B Impact Assessments.

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    Are Pop-Ups Worth It?

    Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each episode of The Tidbit we talk through tidbits of knowledge around starting or running a small business — with a food and beverage lens! On this Minisode: what are parts of the process to consider when deciding if a "pop-up" concept is worth it for your business?

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    On Management and Workforce Development: Humanim's Culinary Social Enterprises

    One of the biggest opportunities and struggles of entrepreneurship is the ever-present work/life blend. I'm not even going to say that there is balance! How does one navigate management, delegation of tasks, and empowering employees to step-up and take the reins? On this episode, we talk with Deborah Haust, VP of Culinary Enterprises at Humanim - a human services and workforce development nonprofit in Baltimore. Hear her lessons learned around management, job training, and the influence of growing a family and business simultaneously.

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